Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mahatma Gandhi-His clothes

    Mahatma Gandhi , he stands for all things great about our country. His principles, strength of character and simplicity make us proud of him. We lovingly call him Bapu and when we think of him the image that comes to our mind is a simple ,kind old man wearing simple clothes - a mere loin dhothi.

      Mahatma Gandhi did not dress like this always.He was one of the few Indians who got educated in England during the pre-independence time. He wore western clothes or traditional Gujarathi clothes(long turbans, kurta and dhoti).

      In the year 1921 Mahatma Gandhi visited Madurai, and stayed in the residence of Sri Ramji Kalyanji 175 A West Masi street. On his way to Madurai he had seen farmers  and poor people wearing the simplest of clothes , a small towel like dhoti around their waist(Some he was told washed and wore the same clothes as they did not possess any other) .He was much disturbed and was haunted all through the night by the scenes that he had  witnessed . Overnight he took a decision to dress in a simple way just like so many of the people of his beloved country. He started to dress in this new way from the very next day much to the surprise of everyone present. He explained to them about his decision and attended the meetings in Madurai.He continued to dress this way through out his life.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


1.  What is in the middle of Paris?
2.  Comes once in a year but twice in a week.
3.  What goes around the world but stays in a corner?
4.  Where does Thursday come before Wednesday?
5.  I have a head and a tail but no body.
6.  You can make it but cannot see it.
7.  I can run but cannot walk.
8.  What can't be used unless broken?
9.  What has four wheels and flies ?
10.What two words have thousands of letters?
11.How many letters are in the Alphabets?
12.Which building has maximum number of stories?
13.I have hands and a face ,no legs but I can run.
14.Which bank has no money.
15.What can you catch but cannot throw?

1.  the letter 'r'
2.  the letter 'e'
3.  postal stamp
4.  in a dictionary
5.  a coin
6.  noise
7.  river 
8.  eggs
9.  a garbage truck office
14.a river bank
15.a cold

Story of Mylapore

      Once Parvathi, the divine consort of Lord Shiva was distracted on seeing a peacock while she was with her husband, Angered by her callousness Lord Shiva cursed her to become a pea hen. Parvathi came to Mylapore then called Kapali Nagar and did penance as advised by Lord Shiva. After several years of penance Parvathi was redeemed of her curse and rejoined her Lord. Since Parvathi came as  a mayil(pea hen), the place thereon came to be called Mylapore.