Thursday, July 7, 2011


    One day an anxious mother, along with her son visited Mahatma Gandhi. She told Bapuji, "My son is suffering from a kidney disease,Bapuji, I am really concerned ,I took him to the doctor and the doctor has advised him to take food without salt." She continued, "the problem Bapuji is my son refuses to follow the doctor's orders ,but if you tell him he will listen as he worships you and he will not deny you.".

     The Mahatma asked the mother and son to see him after a week.

     After a week or so , Mahatma Gandhi called the mother and the son to his house. He took the boy aside and looked him in the eye and said " You are very important for your mother's happiness and your health worries her, It is my wish that you follow doctor's orders and stop taking salt in your diet ".

    The boy who was in awe of the Mahatma was so pleased with the Mahatma worrying about him,agreed at once  . He turned to his mother and said" no more salt for me Ma."

     The relieved mother stood puzzled for a while and asked Gandhiji "But Bapuji, you could have told him this when we came a week ago, why didn't you?"

      To this Gandhiji replied"But madam at that time I was taking salt in my diet and it has taken a week for me to give up salt myself. How can I advice your son to eat a diet without salt with a clear conscience? How can I tell someone to do something which I myself do not practice .

    This is the great man who said" Be the change you want to see in the world".


Deepa said...

Really touching....

Ramakullai papannagari said...

Be the 1St person to see good change.

Radha said...

Very nice , very hard to be like him